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AbitibiBowater produces a broad range of forest products marketed in more than 90 countries around the world. AbitibiBowater customers include many of the world's largest publishers, commercial printers, retailers, consumer products companies and building supply outlets.

AbitibiBowater are also among the largest recyclers of newspapers and magazines in the world. The sustainability of their forest resources is a key priority: it is both an ethical and business imperative. AbitibiBowater sustainability certification process stands as proof of their commitment to current and future generations of employees, to the communities in which they live and operate, and to investors.

AbitibiBowater company is nearly 16,000 employees strong, owning or operating 27 pulp and paper mills and 34 wood products facilities in North America and offshore.


41% Newsprint

AbitibiBowater are the largest producer of newsprint in the world, with annual capacity estimated at 5.4 million metric tons. Major newspapers all over the world choose AbitibiBowater for their publications. In addition to newspapers, AbitibiBowater's newsprint is an important component of a wide variety of other applications including advertising inserts, flyers, brochures, circulars, telephone and other directories, and commercial guides. Approximately one-third of their total newsprint production is sold to markets outside North America.

35% Commercial printing papers

AbitibiBowater are a global leader in the production of commercial printing papers. They produce approximately 3.1 million metric tons of coated and uncoated papers annually, for magazines, catalogs, direct mail inserts, instruction manuals, maps, advertising inserts, flyers, and some of the world's best-selling books.

16% Market pulp

AbitibiBowater produce approximately 1.1 million metric tons of market pulp. AbitibiBowater sells its pulp in 18 overseas markets. Their pulp is used to make a range of products including consumer goods such as tissue, paper towels and diapers, as well as printing and writing papers.

8% Wood products

AbitibiBowater have an annual capacity of over 3 billion board feet of lumber-enough to build 200,000 homes. AbitibiBowater also remanufacture and engineer wood for greater strength for specialized applications such as mobile homes, roofing and flooring material, and other products.