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Albemarle provides innovative development, manufacturing and marketing of complex chemicals and services that create customer value and shareholder wealth. Focusing on "Chemistry for life", they are a global supplier of specialty chemicals that provide an overall benefit to the world in which we live.

A diversified mix of products is sold to a wide range of customers and end markets. With over 3400 customers spread over 100+ countries, their products are sold into end markets that are vital to the global economy, including consumer electronics, petroleum refining, packing, construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals.

Over 3700 employees direct their efforts on solving thir customers' toughest problems. They relish a challenge and this is reflected in their motto, "We Can Do That." Due to the commitment and support of their employees, their customers, and their shareholders, Albemarle is well positioned to deliver critical, value-adding solutions that truly provide "Chemistry for Life."