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Aleris International, Inc. is a global leader in the production of aluminum rolled and extruded products, recycled aluminum, and specification alloy products. Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, the Company operates over 40 production facilities in North America, Europe, South America and Asia, and has approximately 8,400 employees.

Major customers include some of the world's largest companies in the aerospace, building and construction, containers and packaging, metal distribution, and transportation industries. Aleris serves these customers with its low-cost, flexible, technically advanced and strategically located manufacturing operations supported by industry-leading research and development.

Since its formation at the end of 2004, Aleris has strengthened its business through strategic acquisitions, internal growth and operational improvements. The Company's acquisition strategy is targeted at broadening its product offerings and geographic presence, diversifying its customer base and increasing its scale and scope.

Aleris is structured in two global business segments that offer different types of metal products and services - the Global Rolled and Extruded Products segment and the Global Recycling segment (which includes the specification alloys business).

Global Rolled and Extruded Products

Aleris produces rolled and extruded aluminum products for a wide range of technically sophisticated applications.

Rolled product applications include aerospace plate and sheet, brazing sheet, automotive sheet and other uses in the construction, transportation, consumer durables and general distribution markets. Substantially all of the Company's rolled aluminum products are manufactured to specific customer requirements, using direct-chill and continuous cast processes. Aleris serves highly technical and growing markets through its state-of-the-art facilities, proprietary manufacturing processes and industry-leading research and development capabilities.

The Company's extruded aluminum products are used in a variety of applications including building and construction, electrical, mechanical engineering and transportation. With one of the largest extrusion presses in the world, Aleris produces high-end, value-added, large-profile products. The Company further serves customers by performing value-added fabrication on most of its extruded products.

Global Recycling

The Global Recycling segment includes all of the Company's aluminum melting, processing and recycling activities, as well as its specification alloys manufacturing business which principally serves the automotive industry.

Aleris converts aluminum scrap and dross (a by-product of melting aluminum) and combines these materials with other alloy agents as needed to produce recycled metal and specification alloys. Products are typically delivered in molten or ingot form to customers. Much of the Company's recycling business involves tolling arrangements, in which Aleris converts scrap and dross owned by other aluminum manufacturers and returns the recycled metal to the customers for a fee.

The Company's recycling network operates production plants strategically located in North America, South America and Europe.