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Alliant Techsystems is a company that is undergoing a dramatic strategic transformation as they build on market leadership positions in their core businesses - conventional munitions and rocket motors - to grow as a premier aerospace and defense company.

They are integrating their core business capabilities with leading-edge technologies gained through strategic acquisitions and internal investments - a strategy that has enabled them to expand from being a component supplier to a subsystem, systems-level, and prime contractor in precision weapons and space systems.

Their ability to successfully compete against larger, more established companies in their industry is due in large measure to their size and speed. Unlike their competition, they are not dependent upon large platforms or programs of record that often constrain the ability to think out of the box. As a result, they are able to bring to the market non-traditional approaches to the way business has always been done in their industry - and they do so with speed and innovation.

ATK focuses its unique suite of advanced engineering capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of a diverse range of existing products and platforms, develop cost-effective new solutions for their customers; and expand their role as a systems-level prime contractor and integrator. In short, ATK is innovation delivered.