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Alpha Natural Resources are a leading Central Appalachian coal producer that also has significant operations in Northern Appalachia. Alpha Natural Resources reserves primarily consist of high Btu, low sulfur steam coal that is currently in high demand in U.S. coal markets and metallurgical coal that is currently in high demand in both U.S. and international coal markets. Steam coal is primarily purchased by large utilities and industrial customers as fuel for electricity generation, and metallurgical coal is used primarily to make coke, a key component in the steel making process. Alpha Natural Resources produce, process and sell steam and metallurgical coal from eight regional business units supported by 33 active underground mines, 24 active surface mines and 11 preparation plants located throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania . Alpha Natural Resources are also actively involved in the purchase and resale of coal mined by others, the majority of which Alpha Natural Resources blend with coal produced from their mines to create customized products for their customers.