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At home or at work, you come in contact every day with products made by A. O. Smith Corporation. They are the company that provides the hot water for your morning shower, whether you're at home . . . or in a 500-room hotel!

They help keep your home or office warm or cool with electric motors that power fans, blowers, and air conditioning compressors. Open a garage door or security gate . . . turn on your kitchen fan . . . or relax in your hot tub . . . chances are, you'll find an A. O. Smith product hard at work.

Think of the devices in your home or workplace that make your life more comfortable and convenient. Furnaces and air conditioners. Refrigerators and microwave ovens. Elevators and conveyors. Think of products that make your life more secure. Garage door openers and automatic security gates. Finally, think of products that make your life more fun! Swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. Soft drink dispensers. In each of these examples, the work is done by an electric motor . . . and in most cases, those motors are made by A. O. Smith Corporation. They manufacture a comprehensive line of motors, from subfractional horsepower motors the size of a cassette tape to 800 horsepower integral motors. In fact, they make more than 35 million motors every year.

A. O. Smith Water Products Company

Few companies know more about hot water than A. O. Smith. They invented the glass-lined water heater in 1936. Today, A. O. Smith is the preferred brand of plumbers, architects, and specifying engineers throughout North America. And, with operations in Europe and Asia, they're capable of serving the world's growing need for the convenience of hot water. A. O. Smith offers the most comprehensive line of standard and custom-designed commercial water heating equipment in the industry. In the sizes you need to assure the right amount of hot water-when you need it. And with the features to ensure easy installations and reliable, cost-effective service. This same degree of craftsmanship combined with practical, innovative features goes into their broad line of residential water heaters. Whether it's a gas or electric model, direct-vented, power vented, or traditional, you can be sure your A. O. Smith water heater has been designed for years of reliable service.