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Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: BRL) is a holding company that operates through its principal subsidiaries: Barr Laboratories, Inc., PLIVA d.d. and its subsidiaries, and Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A global specialty pharmaceutical company and one of the world's leading generic drug companies, Barr operates in more than 30 countries. Their operations are based primarily in North America and Europe, with their key markets being the United States, Croatia, Germany, Poland and Russia. Barr Pharmaceuticals are primarily engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of generic and proprietary pharmaceuticals. Barr Pharmaceuticals are also actively involved in the development of generic biologic products, an area that they believe provides significant prospects for long-term earnings and profitability.

Barr Pharmaceuticals also develop and manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to support their internal product development efforts. Barr Pharmaceuticals's organizational structure reflects the global nature of their business and the sharing of resources between their generic and proprietary businesses.