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Belden is a world-class manufacturer of signal transmission products - primarily for the entertainment, residential, industrial and security markets. Belden is one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high-speed electronic cables and focuses on products for the specialty electronics and data networking markets, including connectivity.

Belden Is Sending All the Right Signals - from industrial automation to data centers, from broadcast studios to aerospace, from cutting-edge wireless communications to consumer electronics, Belden people are committed to delivering the best signal transmission solutions in the world. Their 8,000 associates worldwide work in copper cable, fiber, wireless technology, connectors, switches and active components to bring voice, video and data to your mission-critical application.

Belden products represent the company's commitment to providing an unparalleled selection of reliable cable products. To achieve the optimum solution to a specific application need, a customer-centric designTM team can also be assigned to you.

In the United States, Belden is the single brand preferred most by cable customers. Major markets include:

Professional broadcast, entertainment and broadband operations - provisioning radio and TV networks, production studios, professional sound systems, and the cable TV markets.

Industrial networking, instrumentation and control systems - providing the cabling infrastructure to integrate factory operations.

Alarm, sound and security systems - commercial enterprises use BeldenCable for their security equipment installations, including fire alarm, circuit integrity, access control, CCTV and PTZ cameras and sound systems.

Networking - commercial products include a comprehensive selection of data and multimedia cables, connectivity, structured cabling systems and services, enclosures and racks, surface raceway systems, cable management accessories and Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems.

Government - provides a product offering through the outstanding service of its authorized distributors that have a current GSA schedule.

Home automation systems and networks - The HomeChoice® cable brand is used in the residential market for networking various applications in the home, including home theater, security, computers, energy management, and more.

Optical systems and networks - Fiber optic cable is used in virtually all markets for high bandwidth and secure network applications.

Electrical equipment, including motors and apparatus - Hook-up and lead wire, along with multi-conductor cables, are used for much of the world's motor and electrical connections.

OEM equipment and systems - Most BeldenCable products have been designed for custom applications for over a century, most often for demanding OEM specifications; the eCatalog chronicles these proven cable designs, manufactured under the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

Wireless communications equipment - BeldenCable is the wire in wireless; used to connect access points to area networks.