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As a world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of stainless and specialty alloys, powder alloys and titanium, Carpenter Technology continues to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the automotive, aerospace, energy, industrial, medical, defense, and consumer products industries.

Unlike most companies offering limited products and processes, Carpenter continues increasing its global manufacturing capacity and expanding operations to provide customers with single-source solutions for today's ever-changing materials challenges.

Dedicated to meeting the growing, global demand for increased product quality, available forms, alloy selection and reduced lead times, Carpenter is investing $200 million in capital to further expand its premium melting capacity and make other manufacturing upgrades.

Carpenter Technologies worldwide staff of customer-focused metallurgists and engineers, and service professionals work closely with you to find innovative solutions for your specific product requirements.

By providing this personalized consultation through direct customer contact, Carpenter Technology offer the world marketplace a major marketing edge.