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Chemtura Corporation, with 2007 revenues of $3.7 billion, was formed in 2005 from the merger of Crompton Corporation and Great Lakes Chemical Corporation. Their history - which includes Crompton & Knowles Corporation, Uniroyal Chemical Corporation and Witco Corporation - reflects more than 100 years of growth and innovation.

Chemtura has approximately 5,100 employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities in every major market of the world. We are a leading global supplier of plastic additives, including flame retardants; a leading manufacturer of pool and spa products; a global leader in seed treatment and miticides in the agricultural market; the largest component supplier to the lubricants industry; and a top global producer of urethane polymers.

At Chemtura, their focus is on excellence in everything they do, and performance improvement is their mission: for their customers who seek business solutions; for their employees who want to grow and learn; and for investors who look for innovative thinking, strong planning and solid results.