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CIGNA Businesses

CIGNA Group Insurance

Disability, Life and Accident products that focus on low cost and consistent delivery of the service basics. These products are offered to employees and association members through their employers, associations and other affinity groups.

CIGNA HealthCare

Managed medical, pharmacy and dental care services, including integrated indemnity and group life and health insurance for employees that is primarily offered through their employer. CIGNA HealthCare also offers behavioral health benefits, assistance and work/life support programs, medical management and a range of industry-leading health & wellness and behavior-change coaching services.

CIGNA International

Life, accident and supplemental health insurance to individuals via direct marketing; specialized health care and related employee insurance benefits to expatriate employees of multinational companies on international assignments; and health care and medical care management services to workplace and consumer markets.


The nation's leading case management services provider. Programs are focused on preventing injury and illness, reducing lost time, and minimizing unnecessary medical expenses. Intracorp offers the most credible ROI methodology, unsurpassed case management solutions, the largest PPO network in the industry, industry-leading charge penetration, and the broadest geographical coverage.


Committed to advancing consumer-driven benefits through the creation of technology and services that will redefine the benefits industry. Choicelinx uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver its products in a secure, scalable and cost-effective manner while listening to its customers, partners, and employees in the shaping of its products.

CIGNA Voluntary

Market-leading product suite of voluntary and limited-benefit health plans including medical and pharmacy benefits, employee assistance programs, and other supplemental products such as dental and vision care. CIGNA Voluntary products are simple-to-use, affordable plans that are ideally suited to part-time and hourly workers and their families.

Union & Government

CIGNA has a proven track record of helping Taft-Hartley and Government effectively control their benefit costs through the implementation of our member-friendly network and care management programs.