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With a strong foundation of more than 160 years in service to the steel industry, Cleveland-Cliffs is a company rich in tradition with a dynamic future. Over the past several years, Cleveland-Cliffs have been engaged in restructuring transactions that have successfully established Cliffs not only as North America's largest supplier of iron ore, but also as an international merchant mining company well positioned to serve the world's fastest growing steel markets.

Today's Cliffs is a vital and growing mining company with a solid North American franchise and expanding global assets. Of the 11 iron ore mines in North America, Cleveland-Cliffs manage six. The company conducts business with virtually all of the integrated steel producers in North America. Cliffs' mines now account for approximately 46 percent of North American pellet production-28 percent for its own account-earning Cliffs the number one market-share position in North America. Internationally, their presence now extends to Australia, Latin America, and Asia. Cleveland-Cliffs remain committed to further deploying their company's unique mining and processing knowledge to maximize shareholder value.