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At Coventry Health Care, they are driven to ensure that every person and organization they serve received the greatest possible value for their health care investment. They do this by bringing together members, employers, and providers, making available the best possible information, and together devising solutions that help people enjoy optimal health.

Currently, they serve more than 4.6 million members in all 50 states. Through their three divisions - Commercial, Individual Consumer & Government, and Specialty - they provide a full range of products and services, including group and individual health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and coverage for specialty services such as workers' compensation.

Coventry Health Care are committed to delivering these products and services to an ever-widening base of customers. Coventry has the expertise, the experience, and the agility to craft the new products, the new processes, and the new services needed to make health care more accessible and affordable to all Americans.