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Creating Value through Power Generation

Dynegy provides wholesale power, capacity and ancillary services to utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and other energy companies in 13 states in our key U.S. regions of the Midwest, the Northeast and the West Coast. The company's power generation portfolio consists of more than 18,000 megawatts of baseload, intermediate and peaking power plants fueled by a mix of coal, fuel oil and natural gas. Their geographic, dispatch and fuel diversity contribute to a portfolio that is well-positioned to capitalize on regional differences in power prices and weather-driven demand.

Who They Are:
Investment of choice

* Dynegy listed on NYSE (DYN)
* S&P 500

Provider of choice

* Midwest - 8,405 megawatts of generation capacity; active in North American Reliability Corp. (NERC) regions SERC , PJM and MISO
* West - 6,062 megawatts of generation capacity; active in NERC regions CAISO, WAPA, WECC, SERC and ERCOT
* Northeast - 3,809 megawatts of generation capacity, active in NERC regions NYISO and ISO-NE

Employer of choice

* 1,900 employees nationwide
* Total rewards package with competitive compensation programs, medical plans and savings options that are designed to recognize the performance of our diverse and growing work force.