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With more choices in more markets, Equity Residential is America's Choice for Apartment Living®. Equity Residential are the largest publicly traded owner, operator and developer of multifamily housing in the United States with nearly 160,000 apartments in 25 states and the District of Columbia

At Equity Residential, their business is to provide one of the fundamental needs in life - a home.

Whether you are seeking a great home for yourself, a solution for your employees' housing needs, or are a buyer or seller of apartment properties, you will find Equity Residential refreshingly easy to do business with.

Equity Residential offer apartments, furnished corporate suites and condos for every budget and lifestyle. Attractive and welcoming communities, quality finishes and furnishings, desirable amenities, innovative ways to save time and money, team members who want to go the extra mile.

In fact, it is their combination of selection and service that enables them to create value for their residents, their employees, their investors, and their business partners.