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First American Corp Building a great enterprise to meet today's unparalleled need for information

As the pace of American life grows faster with each passing day, more and more of life's events are influenced by the rapid flow of information. The information needed to make economic-transaction decisions must be timelier and more accurate than ever before. The need for this information is the engine that powers The First American Corporation. Using expertise gained over more than a century of service, and employing the finest technology tools available, First American has built information resources that touch the economic events that occur in all of our lives. The range, depth and geographic reach of these services are unequalled in private industry. And, the thread that weaves it all together is people.

First American is dedicated to leading their industry - in customer satisfaction by providing consistently high-quality service; in innovation by developing and marketing new systems, products and services; in profitability by demanding efficiency; and in growth by searching out domestic and international opportunities.