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Choose Fiserv as your partner to gain vital, focused expertise in information management products, services, and practices specific to your industry.

Connect to power

With 22 years of experience, Fiserv is the world's largest service provider to banks, credit unions, lending institutions, and investment advisors; a nationally-recognized single-source solution provider to insurance companies and agents; and a growing presence in health plan administration. You benefit from their leading-edge knowledge as well as their service-oriented architecture-powerfully integrating all their products to streamline your workflow and processes.

Connect to solutions

Virtually every data processing and information management tool to help you thrive are here. No other vendor can match Fiserv's range of solutions. Equally important, the people with the know-how to help your organization determine the most appropriate solution sets are there - and eager to tackle your challenges.

Connect to insight

Tap their specialized knowledge of your industry to achieve your goals, strengthening internal capabilities or maximizing the benefits of outsourcing. Fiserv brings you a broad, deep understanding of your industry that adds value at every level.

Connect to success

More than 18,000 clients worldwide - in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific - rely on Fiserv to help them manage the complexities of today's marketplace. Let them show you how their knowledge and technology can help you succeed.