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Every day Freddie Mac helps millions of families in neighborhoods across America buy their own homes or enjoy quality and affordable rental housing by linking them to the world's capital markets. In the process they reduce the costs of housing finance and expand housing opportunities for all families, including low-income and minority families. It is a unique mortgage finance system that makes homeownership a reality for more of America's families.

To further support their mission, they initiate community development lending projects and promote consumer education to improve financial literacy. This helps build strong families and thriving neighborhoods in the communities they help finance.

Freddie Mac's mission is to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market.

Their mission forms the framework for their business lines, shapes the products we bring to market and drives the services we provide to the nation's housing and mortgage industry. Everything they do comes back to making America's mortgage markets liquid and stable and increasing opportunities for homeownership and affordable rental housing across the nation.

Their mission strives to create:

*Stability: Freddie Mac's retained portfolio plays an important role in making sure there's a stable supply of money for lenders to make the home loans new homebuyers need and an available supply of workforce housing in our communities.

*Affordability: Financing housing for low- and moderate-income families has been a key part of Freddie Mac's business since we opened our doors. Freddie Mac's vision is that families must be able both to afford to purchase a home and to keep that home.

*Liquidity: Freddie Mac makes sure there's a stable supply of money for lenders to make the loans new homebuyers need. This gives everyone better access to homefinancing, raising the roof on homeownership opportunity in America.