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General Cable is a key source of energy cables for power generation, transmission and distribution worldwide and the largest energy products supplier in North America.

In virtually every region of the world, increasing demand for energy is accelerating investment in exploration, extraction, power generation, transmission and distribution-whether based on coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind or water. General Cable is meeting this growing need with a complete range of specialized products and technical expertise.

Underground High-Voltage and Extra-High-Voltage Cables
General Cable's complete line of Silec® insulated high- and extra-high-voltage underground energy cables, from 63kV up to 500kV, and our state-of-the-art accessories-such as pre-molded joints and terminals-enable them to provide turnkey design and engineering services for the global, systems-engineered, electric utility market.

Bare Overhead High-Voltage Transmission and Distribution Cables
General Cable's BICC® Brand cables satisfy the varied and specialized demands of the electric utility marketplace. Their TransPowr® bare aluminum overhead conductors are available in standard ACSR, specialized T-2 designs and high-temperature ACSS/TW designs. Their new ACCC/TW conductors feature an innovative composite core construction which possesses high temperature and increased strength characteristics.

Low- and Medium-Voltage Distribution Cables
General Cable's extensive line of BICC® Brand PowrServ® and EmPowr® copper and aluminum cables serve the total distribution needs of electric utilities, rural electric co-ops and the public power market for both traditional and renewable energy resources.


General Cable manufactures the broadest range of application-specific power and control cable products in the business.

As manufacturing utilization and raw material consumption rise, the world's economies are striving to provide the necessary infrastructure to keep pace with industrial expansion. General Cable has the competitive product mix and global reach to support the production of oil, gas and petrochemicals; construction of new factories and maintenance of existing industrial facilities; factory automation; and specialty applications such as military, nuclear, marine, transit and automotive.

Cord and Cordset Products
General Cable's Carol® Brand is the most recognized name in flexible cords for temporary power. Their extensive line includes portable cord, cordsets, portable power cable and premium-grade cable for commercial and industrial applications.

Electronic Cables
Their Carol® Brand products fulfill the complete wire and cable requirements of the fast-changing electronics, sound and security marketplaces. They offer hookup wire; communications cable; computer, coaxial and microphone cables; and special designs for security systems, fire alarms, and audio, video and digital broadcasts.

Industrial Cables
General Cable's industrial instrumentation, power and control cables serve an extensive range of markets including power generation, refining and petrochemical, natural gas production, steel, pulp and paper, and factory automation.

Specialty Cables
General Cable manufactures a broad range of specialty cables that meet the exacting specifications for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), military, transit, offshore and marine shipboard, nuclear and mining applications. General Cable's engineered Brand Rex and Anaconda® Brand wire and cable solutions provide great lifecycle performance and reliability-meeting customer applications requirements today, while setting tomorrow's standards.

Specialty Wire Harnesses
General Cable supply application-specific and custom-designed cable, harnesses and assemblies for a wide variety of OEM applications, including business machines, material handling equipment, factory automation, medical equipment and the automotive aftermarket. General Cable is a global leader in the manufacture of automotive wire and cable-from ignition wire sets and single leads to bulk ignition wire, primary wire and battery starter cable.


General Cable is a global supplier of communications cables and a major resource for high-bandwidth voice, data and video applications.

General Cable are focused on the growing high-end enterprise networking segment, offering both copper and fiber optic cables and have doubled their reach by introducing a full range of closed architecture solutions with a leading connectivity partner to complement their open architecture systems. General Cable also serves key North American telecommunications leaders with outside plant wire and cable products and value-added services through long-term contractual agreements.

Data Communications Cables
General Cable's GenSPEED® Brand products are on the job wherever enhanced performance is critical-from Gigabit Ethernet, token ring and broadband applications to patch panels, communications closets and plenum applications. General Cable offer one of the most comprehensive lines of enhanced high-speed Category products, including PanGenTM structured cabling system solutions.

Fiber Optic Cables
General Cable provide a full menu of NextGen® Brand fiber optic cables for data communications and voice and video networks. General Cable products range from tight buffer and armored products for military applications to loose tube and hybrid cables for communications networks. They also offer advanced Blolite® blown fiber systems for Local Area Networks and campus applications.

Telecommunications Cables
General Cable's broad range of industry-standard General Cable outside plant wire and cable products ensures reliable, cost-effective performance. They provide air core, filled core and specialty wire products for aerial, buried and duct applications.