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Helix Energy Solutions Group is a unique member of the deepwater offshore energy industry, serving as a world-class service provider to energy producing companies while producing oil and gas from their own fields. This two-stranded strategy sets Helix apart from their peers, who typically elect to be either a service contractor or producer.

The first strand of this strategy is comprised of their Contracting Services business units, including Subsea Construction, Canyon Offshore, Well Ops and Helix RDS, providing services and methodologies critical to finding, developing and producing offshore oil and gas reservoirs.

Oil and Gas Operations make up the second strand of their strategy. From the origination of a well, to drilling and production, and finally plugging and abandonment, Helix Energy Solutions Group focus on creating value at key points in the lifespan of a reservoir.

Since Helix Energy Solutions Group's inception, Helix has focused their collective efforts on executing this business strategy, combining offshore construction services with oil and gas production operations. Finding and developing their own offshore reservoirs gives Helix unparalleled experience and expertise in offshore energy production, which they share with their customers.

In addition, Helix shares the potential for risk and reward in field developments by inviting other producers to partner with them on projects. Helix Energy Solutions Group's past successes and reputation for development expertise have made Helix a preferred partner on projects around the world.