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Founded in 1912, Hercules Incorporated manufactures and markets chemical specialties globally used in making a variety of products for home, office, and industrial markets.

Their portfolio of businesses consists of two major operating segments: Aqualon Group and the Paper Technologies and Ventures Group.

Aqualon Group

Aqualon is a world leader in products that modify the physical properties of aqueous, or water-based, systems and the world's only pale wood rosin derivatives producer. Most of Aqualon's products are derived from renewable natural raw materials.

The Aqualon Group focuses its resources on three key growth markets:

* Coatings Additives and Construction
* Regulated Industries (Food, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care)
* Energy and Specialties Solutions

Paper Technologies and Ventures Group

The Paper Technologies portion of this group is dedicated to providing superior products and services for the paper industry.

The Ventures portion is focused on expanding their businesses in four markets:

* Pulp and Biorefining
* Water Management
* Adhesives
* Lubricants