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Hubbell operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia and the United Kingdom, participates in joint ventures in Taiwan and the People's Republic of China, and maintains sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Mexico, and the Middle East. Because the Company has been an integral part of the growth of the electrical equipment industry and a pioneer in the development of new products and technologies, the Company has established a foundation of basic strengths on which to build its future growth.

Fundamentally, Hubbell Incorporated's commitment to electrical equipment manufacture has enabled the Company to consistently maintain its focus and apply its energies to the technology of generating, transmitting and utilizing electrical energy. Electricity is the most adaptable form of energy, and the one which will power the 21st century from basic industry to the most advanced electronic devices. The expertise developed during the first 100 years is an asset vital to the Company and its customers in the future.

The Company's network of independent electrical distributors, who provide Hubbell products and their own expertise to the end-user, are a critical asset. Some of those distributors have been associated with the Company since the early years; others have joined as the industry expanded. Together, they form a partnership with Hubbell Incorporated which has played a large part in the past growth, and which will plan a larger part in the future.

The combination of these - commitment to the industry, diversification of product and market, a continuing tradition of quality, partnership with the independent electrical distributor, and the experience of accomplishment in research and development - have forged Hubbell Incorporated's exceptional records of growth. The same comprehensive corporate capability will expand Hubbell's growth in the commercial, telecommunications, lighting, utility, industrial, and consumer markets of the future.