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Humana offers a range of products and services in addition to group health insurance. Their business units serve the military, individuals, seniors, and many others. They also offer specialty products, including dental coverage.

Humana Military
A subsidiary of Humana Inc., Humana Military Healthcare Services Inc. manages contracts for Patient Appointing Services on various military bases throughout the U.S. Humana Military is committed to building on its reputation of excellence by working in collaboration with military and civilian healthcare professionals, developing innovative health care solutions, and providing superb customer service.

HumanaDental is one of the largest dental carriers in the nation. HumanaDental's competitive product portfolio features network-based, traditional, and voluntary dental plans, as well as self-funded and wholesale arrangements. Every day, HumanaDental strives to deliver value to their customers through exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Humana's individual insurance product offers financially-minded consumers peace of mind, greater savings, and customer care. HumanaOne offers a range of plans, options, and deductible levels. In addition, they make it easy for individuals to choose and use their benefits.

Humana/CompBenefits, provides individual dental insurance independent of an individual Humana health insurance plan. Benefit features include zero dollar copays for many preventive and diagnostic procedures as well as discounts on specialty care including endodontist, orthodontist and oral surgeries.

Humana Ventures
Humana Ventures is the venture capital investing operation of Humana Inc. Through venture investments and strategic partnership arrangements, Humana Ventures seeks to create value for their customers, partners, and shareholders by leveraging Humana's assets, including their expertise and relationships in the healthcare industry and financial markets.

Humana Medicare Plans
Humana's plans help Medicare-eligible consumers get more from their healthcare dollars. Members can choose plans that include both drug and medical coverage, as well as stand-alone prescription drug coverage.