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ITW is a global industrial company that operates 825 businesses located in 52 countries spanning the globe. Their people develop thousands of engineered products and specialty systems that are created and later improved in direct partnership with their customers. These business units serve diverse end markets and customer segments.

Industrial Packaging

Steel, plastic, and paper products used for bundling, shipping, and protecting transported goods.

Primary Products:

* Steel and plastic strapping and related tools and equipment
* Paper and plastic products that protect goods in transit
* Metal jacketing and other insulation products
* Plastic stretch film and related equipment

Power Systems & Electronics

Equipment and consumables associated with specialty power conversion, metallurgy, and electronics.

Primary Products:

* Arc welding equipment
* Metal arc welding consumables and related accessories
* Metal solder materials for PC board fabrication
* Equipment and services for microelectronics assembly
* Electronic components and component packaging
* Airport ground support equipment


Components, fasteners, fluids, and polymers for transportation-related applications.

Primary Products:

* Metal and plastic components and assemblies for automobiles and trucks
* Metal and plastic fasteners for automobiles and trucks
* Fluids and polymers for maintenance and appearance
* Fillers and putties for auto body repair
* Polyester coatings and patch and repair products for the marine industry

Construction Products

Tools, fasteners, and other products for construction applications.

Primary Products:

* Fasteners and related fastening tools for wood applications
* Anchors, fasteners and related tools for concrete applications
* Metal plate truss components and related equipment and software
* Packaged hardware, fasteners, anchors and other products for retail

Food Equipment

Commercial food equipment and related service.

Primary Products:

* Warewashing equipment
* Cooking equipment, including ovens, ranges and broilers
* Refrigeration equipment, including refrigerators, freezers and prep tables
* Food processing equipment, including slicers, mixers and scales
* Kitchen exhaust, ventilation and pollution control systems

Decorative Surfaces

Decorative surfacing materials for countertops, flooring, furniture, and other applications.

Primary Products:

* Decorative high-pressure laminate for countertops
* Solid surface materials for countertops
* High-pressure laminate flooring
* Laminate for furniture applications
* High-pressure laminate worktops

Polymers & Fluids

Adhesives, sealants, lubrication and cutting fluids, and janitorial, and sanitation supplies.

Primary Products:

* Adhesives for industrial, construction and consumer purposes
* Chemical fluids which clean or add lubrication to machines
* Epoxy and resin-based coating products for industrial applications
* Hand wipes and cleaners for industrial applications
* Die-cut components for telecommunications, medical, and transportation applications

All Other Businesses

All other operating segments.

Primary Products:

* Plastic reclosable packaging for consumer food storage
* Plastic reclosable bags for storage of clothes and home goods
* Plastic consumables that multi-pack cans and bottles and related equipment
* Plastic and metal fasteners and components for appliances andt industrial applications
* Equipment and related software for testing of materials and structures
* Foil and film and related equipment used to decorate consumer products
* Paint spray equipment