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International Assets Holding Corp. was formed in October, 1987 and has the following wholly-owned operating subsidiaries;

* INTL Trading, Inc. ("INTL Trading") an FINRA/SIPC,
* INTL Commodities, Inc. ("INTL Commodities"),
* INTL Holding (U.K.) Ltd. ("INTL Holding UK"),
* INTL Global Currencies Ltd ("INTL Global Currencies"),
* INTL Capital Limited (Dubai) and
* The Gainvest Group of Companies with operating subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Through offices in New York, London, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. International Assets Holding provides competitive execution to a diverse group of wholesale customers including major investment banks, commercial banks, brokers, institutional investors, corporations, charities and governmental organizations throughout the world.