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Innovation is nothing new at Intuit. It's been their heartbeat for nearly a quarter century.

As the world evolves, so do they. Yet they remain driven by their passion for inventing solutions to solve important problems, perfecting those solutions and delighting their customers. They started small in 1983 with Quicken personal finance software, simplifying a common household dilemma: balancing the family checkbook. Little more than two decades later, their revenue tops $3 billion, they're publicly traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and recognized as America's most-admired software company and one of the country's best places to work.

Their traditional flagship products - Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax - stand as testament to their commitment to revolutionize the way people manage their small businesses and personal finances. Their lineup of tax preparation products helps individuals and small business owners easily and accurately do their own taxes with confidence. And working with accountants, they've become a staple of American small business, with a widespread and deep-rooted presence that's second to none.

With the acquisition of Digital Insight in 2007, they began creating the next generation of online banking. By combining their unique blend of customer-driven innovation and emerging technology, they're developing new ways to help banks and credit unions offer easier and simpler online financial services to their consumer and small business customers.

The innovation and customer-driven focus that inspired these breakthroughs and alliances leads them to expand further, solve larger problems, and bring new products and services to more people and businesses.

Now in their third decade, they're creating a greater array of "Right for Me" customer-driven products and services to help manage a broader array of small businesses. They're on construction sites and in retail stores, helping manage projects and books, track sales and monitor inventories. They're in real estate, at Fortune 500 companies and in accounting offices, assisting property managers, corporate workgroups and accountants in serving their clients. And they provide the most popular do-it-yourself payroll service in the United States.

They're working with leading health care companies to simplify the way millions of Americans manage their health and medical expenses. And of course, they're still at the side of millions, helping balance that checkbook on a Saturday afternoon or complete that tax return as April 15 looms.

Intuit products and services assist customers in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other locations.