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ITT is a vibrant part of the global economy. ITT are a high-technology engineering and manufacturing company with approximately 40,000 employees operating in 55 countries. Their portfolio of businesses is aligned with enduring, global growth drivers, and their employees bring extraordinary focus to meeting the needs of the people who buy and use ITT products and services in all the markets They serve.

Fluid Technology

ITT is a global water leader. Their products touch every part of the water cycle-delivering fresh water to communities and commercial businesses, treating and disinfecting it, transporting the wastewater and returning it to our streams and rivers cleaner than it came in. ITT are also a leader in supplying pumps and related technologies for handling harsh chemicals, mining slurry and industrial process fluids.

Defense Electronics & Services

ITT is a trusted provider of mission-critical products and services that support the United States military and its allies. ITT Defense group also develops space-based technologies that enable Global Positioning Satellite systems to communicate our precise location and allow weather satellites to help forecasters calculate when and where the next hurricane will hit. In many important ways, they are working to ensure a safer, more secure world.

Motion & Flow Control

ITT is a global powerhouse in the motion and flow control market. ITT design, manufacture and distribute shock absorbers, flow control devices, friction technologies and other products for use in everything from beverage systems to commercial aircraft. Customers worldwide recognize ITT for their ability to deliver highly engineered, durable components that succeed in the harshest environments where the cost of failure is high.