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Joy Global Inc. is a worldwide mining machinery and services company. Through its market leading divisions -- P&H Mining Equipment and Joy Mining Machinery -- the Company manufactures underground and surface mining equipment and offers aftermarket-related services. P&H Mining Equipment and Joy Mining Machinery are both recognized leaders in the design, manufacture, distribution, service and enhancement of mining machinery and equipment. Joy Global's products and related services are used extensively for the mining of coal, copper, iron, gold and other mineral resources.

Joy Global and its divisions pride themselves on providing a full range of value-additive aftermarket services, and are committed to assisting their customers mine ores and minerals at the lowest possible cost. To achieve these objectives, they use a Life Cycle Management Strategies (LCMS) approach, which places the highest value on continuous and exceptional customer support. To assist their customers, facilities and equipment service centers span six continents and over twenty distinct countries.

The mining industry is vital to the overall health of the world economy. Today, more than 50% of the electricity generated in the US comes from coal-fired power plants. Joy Global expects to continue its role as a leader in assuring that mineral and energy resources are efficiently and carefully extracted, and delivered reliably to meet the requirements of the world economy.

Management is focused on the mining markets and on using its executive and operational expertise to build long-term value for the benefit of all of Joy Global's stakeholders -- shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees. Joy Global are committed to reinforcing their strengths to be the supplier of choice for their customers. At both their P&H Mining Equipment and Joy Mining Machinery divisions, they strive to leverage their superior product lines, strong customer relationships and global opportunities to build greater value.

Joy Global traces its roots back to the late 19th century. Throughout its rich history, the Company has been recognized for its quality products and services, and respected for its values