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Juniper Networks high-performance network infrastructure helps businesses create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. With Juniper, businesses can capitalize on opportunities to innovate, grow and strengthen their business and answer the challenge of complicated, legacy networks with high-performance, open, flexible solutions that enable:

* Consolidation and delivery of services and applications across highly distributed environments to ensure consistent accessibility from anywhere at any time
* Rapid deployment and scaling of new services and applications to support evolving business demands
* Protection and recovery of services and applications against business risks and sophisticated threats
* Operational improvements to help reduce administrative, training, customer care and other costs

Service providers depend on Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure to quickly and cost-effectively deploy differentiated services to drive new sources of revenue and increase customer loyalty. Enterprises are under pressure to improve the accessibility of their applications and create high-value interactions with all their users, so they turn to Juniper to create a network environment that can increase productivity, support differentiation, and accelerate growth. The public sector, including military, intelligence and civilian agencies, and public institutions, rely on Juniper to ensure that their network securely and efficiently delivers the critical services that inform and protect citizens.

Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure encompasses:

* Best-in-class IP routing, security and WAN application acceleration solutions to power and protect the network, as well as the applications and services that run on it
* Performance-enabling customer services designed around a time-to-value model that accelerates, extends and optimizes the value of high-performance networking, and fuels competitive advantage
* Partnerships that deliver the full value of networking features and functionality from proven leaders

Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure supports converged data, voice, video and wireless applications across extended network, and prepares today's organizations for tomorrow's innovations.