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With Kennametals' broad line of innovative products and their expertise across a wide range of industries, they have the unique ability to find the solution that best meets their customers' needs. When no off-the-shelf solution will do, their experts will work with yours to create a solution that optimizes your specific process and your economics. That's why Kennametal customers consider them to be their competitive edge.

Kennametal is a leading global supplier of tooling, engineered components and advanced materials that are consumed in production processes. They provide customers with a broad range of technologically advanced tools, tooling systems and technical services.

Their expert scientists and engineers apply highly complex powder metallurgy, materials science and mechanical engineering technologies to cemented tungsten carbides, high-speed steels, ceramics, industrial diamonds and other material compositions to produce products that have the optimum combination of resistance to heat, impact, corrosion, pressure and wear to excel in your particular application.

Kennametal's portfolio of well-respected brand names and broad global presence enable them to help customers of all sizes in virtually every geography drive success at every stage of their value chain. Strategically aligned across their two core businesses - Metalworking Solutions and Services Group (MSSG) and the Advanced Materials Solutions Group (AMSG) - their products and services touch nearly every manufacturing process, and people around the globe can see and touch these results from the time they turn on the light switch in the morning, to the breakfast they eat or the vehicle they drive.