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Magellan Health Services is the country's leading diversified specialty health care management organization. Magellan Health Services vision is to use their health care management expertise to improve health care outcomes for individuals and their families. Magellan Health Services clinical and operational philosophy allows them to offer their members access to high quality, clinically appropriate, affordable health care, tailored to each individual's need, while managing costs responsibly for our customers.

Magellan Health Services deliver by offering a comprehensive, integrated suite of products, including behavioral health management, radiology benefits management, and specialty pharmacy management.

* Behavioral Health Management Clinically sound, cost effective solutions for managed behavioral health and substance abuse benefits, behavioral disease management, Employee Assistance Programs and LifeManagement programs, and behavioral health pharmacy management. Magellan leads the industry in behavioral health care management by offering an integrated suite of products that combines the best of traditional approaches to health care management with innovative, emerging solutions.

* Radiology Benefits Management: Radiology is among the fastest-growing areas of health care spending. Magellan affiliate company, National Imaging Associates, Inc., leads the Radiology Benefits Management industry by delivering innovative solutions that improve patient care through clinically appropriate, cost effective use of diagnostic imaging. Magellan Health Services offer this service on both a risk and administrative services only basis.

* Specialty Pharmacy: High-cost drugs used to treat chronic diseases, specialty pharmaceuticals represent approximately 20 percent of total drug costs. Magellan affiliate company, ICORE Healthcare, works with health plan customers to manage specialty drug use through clinically based formulary management, pharmacy distribution and strategic consulting.

Magellan Health Services believe that the future for Magellan lies in their ability to leverage their experience and expertise in customer service, claims payment, clinical management, and information technology tools and connectivity across the specialty health care marketplace.

Their work leads to individuals understanding and improving their own health with the right support, and empowering health plans, employers, governments and providers to efficiently improve the health, welfare and productivity of the people they serve.