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More consumers are purchasing Store Brand (private label) products today than ever because of the growing awareness of the good value Store Brands offer. Store Brand prices are almost always lower than the national Brands. Consumers are also very often finding their quality and nutritional value equal to their national brand counterparts.

Ralcorp Holdings, Inc. is a leading supplier of Store Brand food products. Its business units - Ralston Foods (Cereals); Bremner (Cookies and Crackers); Nutcracker/Flavor House (Snack Nuts); Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products (Frozen Griddle Products); and Carriage House, - produce high quality products that "compare to" the national brands. Their products are tested on an on-going basis, utilizing internal and independent external sensory testing to insure branded attributes. High consistent quality, the breadth of their various product lines, and very competitive pricing are what makes the, a leader in the Store Brand/Private Label industry.