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1832 William T. DavisonWilliam T. Davison founds Davison, Kettlewell & Co. in Baltimore, Maryland. As "grinders and acidulators of old bones and oyster shells," it uses the first sulfuric acid chamber in the United States.

1854 William R. GraceWilliam Russell Grace founds W. R. Grace & Co. in Peru.

1860 Grace establishes merchant steamship line to serve the Americas.

1865 Historic buildingW. R. Grace & Co. relocates to New York City and begins triangular trade with South America and Europe.

1872 W. R. Grace & Co. is formally chartered.

1880 Grace opens offices in Chile. William Russell Grace is elected mayor of New York City for two terms.

1885 Statue of LibertyWilliam Russell Grace accepts the Statue of Liberty from the people of France.

1890 ShipGrace inaugurates steamship service between New York and the west coast of South America.

1899 W. R. Grace & Co. incorporates.