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Western Digital are thousands of people worldwide working to help you collect, manage and use digital information. Their reliable hard drives are just about everywhere that digital information and content is found, from desktop and portable computers to external storage devices and personal video recorders in living rooms. Their customers are some of the largest computing and electronics companies in the world, as well as you, who could be using a WD drive right now.

Their highest capacity drives securely store your videos, music and photographs on desktop computers and are quiet, cool and deliver your content fast. They know that you like to take your personal digital material with you, so their smaller hard drives for notebook computing and portable storage devices are frugal on power and strong on durability.

Because so much of what you do is now recorded in digital form, WD makes it easy to safely store and share the articles of our lives, and to make duplicates to prevent loss. WD designs and markets plug-and-play external storage devices that expand the capacity of your computers and personal video recorders. They carry a WD label and are found at retailers worldwide.

Businesses have been using their desktop drives in their employees' computers for decades, and now are taking advantage of WD's high reliability with their enterprise SATA drives in their servers and expansive corporate storage systems, quickly providing critical information to their workers.

Designing, manufacturing and selling hard drives is all that they do. They understand the importance of the data you put on your hard drives. They focus their passion, knowledge and innovation on products that reliably keep your information and content safe and close at hand.