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Zimmer's Vision

To be the global leader in enhanced quality of life for orthopaedic patients. To place confidence in the surgeons' skilled hands. To reaffirm their traditions, inspire their future and ensure their success through each patient's new freedom.


To develop, produce and globally market the highest quality orthopaedic product and services that repair, replace and regenerate. Through the hands of skilled surgeons, Zimmer will enhance patient quality of life.

Zimmer are committed to partnerships that foster mutual trust, respect and benefit. By investing in their people and delivering innovative solutions, they shall increase shareholder value.

Zimmer Values

Pride in their Company
The circle "Z" is our heritage. What they believe in they heart, they wear on their sleeve.

Devotion to their People
Their foundation is the integrity, dedication, creativity and diversity of their people. Zimmer work as a team. they care about and need each other.

Spirit of Innovation
Zimmers' spirit of innovation in products, services and processes changes orthopaedic care every day. The courage to pursue new perspectives needs their constant and powerful dedication.

Pledge to Quality
Patients trust that their life's work will safely and effectively improve their lives. Zimmer are committed to defect-free products.

Passion to Be the Best
Zimmer are a passionate and aggressive competitor who expects to win. Zimmer believe in flawless execution. By leading, Zimmer will best serve their industry and their stakeholders.